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Experiment with your Human Design & Become the Most Authentic Version Of Yourself

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You’re here to live life as your best, most authentic self. Your Human Design is the roadmap that will guide you there.

The Human Design Lab is made up of 3 Core Pillars:

Pillar #1: The Human Design Accelerator Course

Your Human Design chart—explained. With practical examples and why you should care.

If you know me, you know I’m all about helping you understand what each element of your Human Design chart actually means and what living by your design really looks like in your everyday life. 

That’s why I’m sharing my full Human Design Accelerator Course. 

Never before released outside of my Unshakeable Entrepreneur mastermind, this self-paced program will help you achieve a deep, foundational understanding of Human Design (incl. practical introductions to the 5 Types, the 8 styles of Authority, the 12 Profiles, plus a recording of my Understanding Your Energetic Map Workshop.). 

You have access to content relating to all of the Types so that you can come to understand not only yourself, but also the people you love and interact with on a deeper level. Consume this course at your own pace – bingeing each bite-sized video right off the bat or taking it slow, one step at a time. 

The action-oriented content of this course alone is enough for you to start living a more authentic life from Day 1. 

Pillar #2: Monthly Experiments with Your Design

Together, each month, we’ll dive deep into a specific area of your chart. 

You’ll be given a specific area of focus, questions to ask yourself, patterns of behavior to watch out for (and tips on what to do instead). 

If you have that area defined, you’ll start living out the biggest, boldest expression of what that theme means for you. 

If that area of your chart is undefined, you’ll be able to notice and investigate what it looks and feels like to experience the theme in question. 

These experiments will bring your awareness to what feels good in a way you’ve never experienced before. 

Get ready to become:
…more productive
…more confident
…more conscious of your unconscious patterns
(Step 1 to letting them go)

Pillar #3: A Connection-Based Community 

Ever found yourself wondering,
“Is this what it means to be a Mani-. Gen… or is this just me?” 🤔

Now you’ll have the chance to get exactly that ^^ type of question answered. 

Inside our Connection-Based Community, you’ll be able to connect with other individuals based on their Profile, Type and/or Authority, so that you can start or tune into conversations about how different themes and patterns are showing up for you.

Wondering what a sacral response feels like?

Or how to tune into your Splenic Authority?

Looking to connect with others who share your Triple Split Definition?
This is the place!

The Human Design Lab is your space to ask questions, connect with others, and above all share your findings as you keep taking action and making shifts towards your most aligned life. 

Plus, to help you clearly understand what’s going on inside you at any given moment, when you join us inside The Human Design Lab, you also get:

A Weekly Guide to the Gate Transits

Every 6 days or so, the Sun and the Earth transit through a different gate. As these gates are activated, it becomes possible to work with their individual themes in a very targeted way. 

By bringing your awareness to both the Shadow and the Gift frequencies of the Gates in question, you’ll gain a crystal clear understanding of how its theme is showing up in your life—and engage in targeted exercises to help you embody the highest frequency version of yourself. 

Success Sessions by Type

Ever get the feeling that you never see someone with your Type or Authority living the life you want?

In these Quarterly Success Sessions, I’ll feature guest speakers who are living their best lives, living by their Human Designs. We’ll hear from Projectors, Reflectors, Generators and Mani Gens and listen in to both what they’ve ditched and where they’ve doubled down to enjoy the success they have today.

TRUST: A Pre-Recorded Workshop on Feeling Supported by the Universe

90% of the time, when I work with individuals 1:1, the core wound I see reappearing is the feeling of not being supported. 

That’s why, in this X-minute pre-recorded workshop, I dig deep into all of the different ways and places that you might be feeling unsupported. 

As a result, you’ll have the trust you need to make big moves.
You’ll get in the energy of what you want vs what you don’t. 

And you’ll finally be able to move through your fear so that you can call in and hold on to what you want. 

The Step By Step Human Design Discovery Journey Map

There’s a lot to explore when you’re new to Human Design. 

That’s why I’ve put together this step-by-step Human Design Discovery Journey Map to help you know where to start, what to focus on when you’re new to this world, and how to approach this content so that you never feel overwhelmed.

Want To Dive Even Deeper Into Deconditioning? Upgrade to the Deconditioning Accelerator Membership and gain access to:

Monthly Deconditioning Deep Dives 

If you’re ready to get serious about clearing past traumas and healing old wounds, upgrade your Human Design Lab Membership to Tier 2 for additional support with Deconditioning Your Centers. 

Tier 2 Membership includes a Monthly Deconditioning Deep Dives that will complement and expand on that month’s theme.

For example, if we’re working on the Head Center,  you’ll get access to additional EFT Tapping Scripts, Guided Breathwork Sessions and/or Energy Clearings designed to help you decondition your Head Center so that you’re fully open to receiving all of your inner wisdom.

PLUS, you’re invited to

Monthly Q&A Calls with Nicole

…where you can bring your questions and get personalized answers based on your experience with the Experiments and your Human Design. 

Hosted live on Zoom, these 60-min. Q&A Calls give you the chance to get your questions answered by Nicole and benefit from the opportunity to connect live with other Members.

*Limited to 15 Members* 

Quarterly Workshops and Guest Expert Sessions incl. Live Q&A

Based on exactly what’s coming up for the members of the group, I’ll host quarterly Workshops and Guest Expert Sessions on a curated selection of topics, chosen to help you experience high-impact results. 

With limited seats available (Tier 2 is limited to 15 members at a time), these workshops will be intimate, action-oriented and exactly what you need to ditch your conditioning and level-up.

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